Mayor’s Budget and Georgetown

The mayor released her budget proposal for fiscal year 2024 yesterday. And several items would affect Georgetown, were it to be enacted into law. Here are some of the highlights:

One major change that would impact Georgetown is the mayor’s proposed changes to the Circulator bus system. She proposed to cut all the lines except the Georgetown-Union Station, the National Mall, and the Congress Heights-Union Station routes. This would mean ending the Dupont-Rosslyn route, which also serves Georgetown. (It also would seem to forestall any expansion of any Circulator lines, such as the long dormant plan to extend the Georgetown-Union Station line up to National Cathedral). The Council may push back on this proposal, but for now it would seem that Georgetown is likely to be down to one Circulator route.

On the positive side, the Mayor proposed some specific line items that would directly benefit Georgetown. This includes $3.3 million for a renovated Hardy Middle School cafeteria and $400k for Book Hill Park. Somewhat mysteriously, the mayor also proposed $3 million for a Georgetown safety and mobility project on Wisconsin Ave. I have no idea right now what that would entail, or how it might (or might not) interact with the ongoing Georgetown transportation study. I hope to learn more soon!

I was disappointed to not see any proposed money to be spent to save the historic trolley trestle through Foundry Branch. But hopefully the Council can be persuaded to add it in (it was on Council Member Frumin’s budget request letter). Stay tuned!


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