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Small House, Big Wreath


In what appears to have become a holiday tradition, the smallest house in Georgetown, 2726 P St., once again has easily the largest wreath in Georgetown. (Check it out from last year).

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like inside this tiny abode, here’s a virtual tour from when it was for sale a few years ago.


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Even Greater Temporarily Closed Sign


Back in June, GM noted that the “temporarily closed” sign on Georgetown Dinette was either a great “temporarily closed” sign, or the greatest. The sign stated:

June 09 2012

Dear Friend

We are away from store about two weeks for family matter.

We are very sorry.

Don’t be mad, sad, cry.

We’ll be back soon and happy together again.

Emmy and Harry

Well Emmy and Harry were back in top form in November when they put up the sign above. This one manages the express the warmth of the first one, but with the horse dancing reference it even adds some topical electoral humor on top.

Georgetown Dinette is about the opposite of the fanciest place in town, but it may have the most character per square foot of any place in Georgetown.

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What Are Those Weird Green Brain Fruit Anyway

This is a reprint of an article GM ran last year explaining the annual coming of a weird fruit:

This time a year, if you wonder around Montrose or Volta Parks you’re bound to find on the ground weird softball-sized green fruit like the one above. People are often so struck by the sight of the fruit, they pick up one or two of them and bring them home. But what are they, you ask?

Despite their green color, they’re oranges. Osage oranges, to be specific. They are grown by Osage trees, which line the Parrot rope walk. These trees are prevalent in the Great Plains states, where they are often planted along hedgerows. Traditionally, the pliable but strong nature of this tree’s wood made it valuable for fence posts and archery bows. Continue reading

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Birding in Georgetown


While GM was looking out his back window last night, he happened to notice a bright yellow bird munching on the flowers of his basil plant:

The shot up above is when the bird flew off to a wire after GM stepped on to the porch. GM has never seen such an exotic looking bird in Georgetown. However, upon researching he determined that it’s just an American Goldfinch, which is hardly rare.

While Georgetown has plenty of green-space for an urban neighborhood, the fact is that we don’t have a particularly exotic stock of wild birds flying around, at least as far as GM can tell. Maybe a few hummingbirds here and there, or the occasional hawk flying by, but nothing to out of the ordinary.

Or is GM just not a very observant birder? What sort of interesting birds have you seen around town?



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New Georgetown Yoga Studio Opens

A new yoga studio has opened in Georgetown, toponymously named Georgetown Yoga. It’s located on P St. and 26th, right next to Jean Pierre Antiques.

This is a local production. It was opened by Eli Hengst, a longtime Poplar St. resident. This isn’t the first Georgetown commercial foray for Hengst; he used to own Mendocino Grill.*

Of particular interest to the GM household, Georgetown Yoga will offer programs for toddlers and babies. This will be popular with Mrs. GM and Little GM, who now trek all the way up to Little Omm in Tenleytown for their baby yoga needs. Continue reading

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Anyone Missing a Bird?

This isn’t something you see too often: Somebody found an (apparently) lost white bird in the alleyway off of P St. at 33rd. The avian protector believes the bird is possible a dove.

So if you’re a west Georgetown resident missing a white dove-looking bird, call 202-345-2400. Chances are pretty good that this is it.

It would be quite a lucky stroke if this is indeed a lost bird. GM once saw a bright green parakeet flying around 32nd st. GM definitely could be wrong, but he’s pretty sure DC is not in the natural range of wild parakeets. Before GM could even begin contemplating how to catch this bird (salt on the tail?) it flew away.

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People Worth Knowing Right Now

GM ran this article last year during a heat wave, and with the onset of another stretch of unbearable heat, he decided to run it again.

It’s incredibly hot outside already. And there’s no better way to cool off than a dip in a pool. But what if you don’t have a pool, and the public pools aren’t open? What you do is get to know someone with a pool. And it turns out that the city helps you identify whom to befriend.

Among many other data sets, the city keeps a record of all the pools in the city. And better yet, they keep the data in mapable form. So a couple quick clicks on Google, and voila, a map of all the pools in Georgetown. All the blue squares above are pools. Now you just need to figure out how to chat these neighbors up. Or just jump their fence when you know they’re not around (kidding!)

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