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Spike Mendelsohn Bringing Restaurant to Georgetown?

Photo by pvsbond.

GM heard an interesting rumor the other day: that Spike Mendelsohn, star of Top Chef and the chef behind Capitol Hill’s Good Stuff Eatery and We the Pizza, is opening up shop in Georgetown. Specifically, the location mentioned was the old Morso space, a restaurant which was open for about five minutes last fall.

GM reached out to Good Stuff Eatery to confirm, but didn’t hear anything back. So maybe the rumor is false, but if it is true it could be one of the more interesting restaurant openings in Georgetown this year. Continue reading


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Two New Stores May Come to Georgetown


GM has heard that two new stores may soon come to Georgetown: CB2 and something called “Calvin Klein Underwear.’

CB2 is a “younger and hipper” version of its parent store: Crate and Barrel. It leans towards more modern furniture than the parent store.

The store’s move to Georgetown is not final yet. EastBanc is currently negotiating with CB2 for the store to move into 3307 M St., next to the temporary Georgetown public library space. They are cautiously optimistic that a deal can be struck and the store opened in 2011. Continue reading


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DPW Cracking Down

GM has heard word that several weeks ago a DPW inspector was going through Georgetown and giving fines to residents for violating trash disposal rules. Specifically, in at least one instance the inspector gave a $75.00 ticket to a resident of Volta Place for placing trash on the sidewalk in a plastic bag, as opposed to in a plastic container like the one above. (Apparently, the inspector was also seen cutting into the trash and looking at the mail to determine the house to which the trash could be attributed, a perhaps necessary but kind of creepy means of identifying the violator). Continue reading


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Trio of New Stores to Open in Georgetown

GM heard through the grapevine that three new stores are close to agreeing to move into three vacant spaces within a block of Wisconsin and M. They are Barbour, Camper, and Madewell.

Barbour is an English company famous for making extremely English-looking jackets, like this:

GM hears they’ll be moving into the old Richey & Co. space at 3221 M St. Continue reading


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Could We Ride a Water Taxi to Nats Games Soon?

It was just announced that water taxi service would finally be provided to Nationals games. The initial reports said that likely points of call would include Alexandria and National Harbor. But the excelent SW SE DC blog JDLand got a list of what companies would be offering the service. On that list is Capitol River Cruises, which operates out of Georgetown. It’s unclear whether this means they’ll start offering water taxis service between Georgetown and the stadium, but it sure would be a fun way to get there and back.


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Current Provides Update on Smartbike Expansion

A couple weeks ago, GM reported that he heard a rumor that  the planned expansion of the Smartbike program had hit a snag and that Clear Channel was uninterested in running an expanded system. Well the Georgetown Current reported yesterday that like most rumors, there was some truth and some falsity to the reported rumor. After the jump, GM does some rumor post-op: Continue reading

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Endgame for Scheele’s Soon?

GM is hearing through several channels that a resolution of some sorts is nearly at hand for the Scheele’s Market situation. It sounds like the controversial Marc Teren will likely take ownership of the building but he will make some sort of a promise to keep the market open for decades to come. What that means for the Lees and how binding that promise is is still yet to be seen. Expect some sort of news about this soon.

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