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Trio of New Stores to Open in Georgetown

GM heard through the grapevine that three new stores are close to agreeing to move into three vacant spaces within a block of Wisconsin and M. They are Barbour, Camper, and Madewell.

Barbour is an English company famous for making extremely English-looking jackets, like this:

GM hears they’ll be moving into the old Richey & Co. space at 3221 M St. Continue reading



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Could We Ride a Water Taxi to Nats Games Soon?

It was just announced that water taxi service would finally be provided to Nationals games. The initial reports said that likely points of call would include Alexandria and National Harbor. But the excelent SW SE DC blog JDLand got a list of what companies would be offering the service. On that list is Capitol River Cruises, which operates out of Georgetown. It’s unclear whether this means they’ll start offering water taxis service between Georgetown and the stadium, but it sure would be a fun way to get there and back.


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Current Provides Update on Smartbike Expansion

A couple weeks ago, GM reported that he heard a rumor that  the planned expansion of the Smartbike program had hit a snag and that Clear Channel was uninterested in running an expanded system. Well the Georgetown Current reported yesterday that like most rumors, there was some truth and some falsity to the reported rumor. After the jump, GM does some rumor post-op: Continue reading

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Endgame for Scheele’s Soon?

GM is hearing through several channels that a resolution of some sorts is nearly at hand for the Scheele’s Market situation. It sounds like the controversial Marc Teren will likely take ownership of the building but he will make some sort of a promise to keep the market open for decades to come. What that means for the Lees and how binding that promise is is still yet to be seen. Expect some sort of news about this soon.

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Update – Philadelphia Cheesesteak Factory Moving

GM heard through the grapevine that contrary to the information he heard the other day, the Philadelphia Cheesesteak Factory isn’t really renovating, they’re moving. Where to is not known yet, but supposedly it’s somewhere in Georgetown. According to the rumor, they’re vacating their historic building due to a rent hike.

So where could they be moving to? There are not too many open spaces right now. The only one that comes to GM’s mind is the old Grace and Bamboo space on Grace St. just south of the Patagonia. Not nearly as prime a location as the old space, but perhaps it would be more affordable. We’ll see…

The next interesting question is what’s to become of the old building. Could the Cellar Door return? We can dream at least.

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Royalty Moving to Georgetown?

As DCist noted, the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia is reporting that the Duke and Dutchess of Palma de Mallorca are planning on moving to Washington (she’s the youngest daughter of the King of Spain). According to Google Translate’s manglings, the paper wrote:

The Dukes of Palma is planning to move to Washington because of the professional Iñaki Urdangarín, whom their advisor responsible international Telefónica forced him to travel with increasing frequency in United States.

After almost 20 years of residence in Barcelona, the city where in 1997 he married Iñaki Urdangarín born and where his sons, Juan, Pablo, Miguel and Irene, the Infanta Cristinabegins a new family at the moment is temporarily with a yet undetermined time that depends exclusively on the professional obligations of the Duke of Palma. 

While the family is “temporarily with a yet undetermined time”, GM doesn’t think it’s too early to speculate that they’ll choose Georgetown. Where else would a Spanish royal want to live than Everymay? What’s $49 million to an infanta?

So would you welcome los realeza or do we not need a bunch of Spanish secret service creeping around?


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Obamas Dine Out in Georgetown

Saturday night the President and his family had their first night out to a private dinner since he took office.  They spent the evening here in Georgetown at Valarie Jarret’s house. The Chicago Sun Times reports:

From the pool report: “This was a family occasion at the home of Valerie Jarrett, long-time Chicago friend of the Obamas’ and now senior White House advisor. Daughters Malia and Sasha and what appeared to be three of their girls friends accompanied the president and first lady at what was described as their first private dinner party away from the White House.”

Jarrett lives at 3309 Water St.

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Anyone Missing a Helicopter?

From the Georgetown listserv: resident James W. reports that an individual knocked on his front door recently asking to retrieve his remote controlled helicopter from James’ roof. James, being hip to the old I’m-sorry-my-remote-controlled-helicopter-is-on-your-roof scam told the individual to bug off.

Well turns out there really was a remote controlled helicopter on his roof. If you’re the pilot, James would like to give you your copter back.

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Jaffe to Georgetown: Drop Dead

One of these days, there will be an Apple store built somewhere in the District. GM looks forward to that blessed day so he can stop writing about it. As it is, every day there’s no Apple store somewhere there’s more and more blame directed at Georgetown residents, primarily from journalists who should know better.

The latest bit of it comes care of Harry Jaffe, hands down one of the most knowledgeable journos on District matters. But sadly, even he can catch a case of Georgetown bashing as he displayed last Friday. How wrong is Jaffe, let GM count the ways:

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Facing Closure – Nathans Seeks Last Minute Reprieve – UPDATED


Nathan's Last Day March 30th?

As one beloved neighborhood establishment has its head possibly added to the chopping block, another already on the chopping block is seeking a last minute reprieve. It has been long expected that Nathans Restaurant at the corner of M and Wisconsin would close this year. In fact, if a reprieve is not obtained the restaurant will close on March 31st. Owner Carol Joynt (bringer of the bad news about Scheele’s) has been very public about her plight to save Nathans. Notwithstanding the doom and gloom, from her recent missives there appears a slim chance that Nathans will survive till April Fools Day and beyond. Read more after the jump:

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