Trio of New Stores to Open in Georgetown

GM heard through the grapevine that three new stores are close to agreeing to move into three vacant spaces within a block of Wisconsin and M. They are Barbour, Camper, and Madewell.

Barbour is an English company famous for making extremely English-looking jackets, like this:

GM hears they’ll be moving into the old Richey & Co. space at 3221 M St.

Camper, a Spanish shoe store, is supposedly going to move in right next door where Up Against the Wall used to be. GM’s never heard of this store, but they seem to offer stylish medium to higher-end products.

Finally, Madewell is moving in to the space currently housing Adidas at 1251 Wisconsin AvePuma at 1237 Wisconsin Ave. Madewell is a new chain of women’s clothing stores opened by J. Crew offering a more casual and less preppy style than its parent.

Ever since he published his annual survey of the state of Georgetown stores, which found that about 10% of stores closed in Georgetown last year, GM has been asked what he thinks about the retail environment in Georgetown. While he acknowledges that it sure seems like it’s tough out there, he always cautioned that he didn’t have enough context to know whether we were seeing a real downturn or whether it was normal turnover, albeit a little concentrated. If these stores do in fact move it, it would seem to support the idea that we are seeing turnover not a steep downturn.




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8 responses to “Trio of New Stores to Open in Georgetown

  1. Camper is a very popular trendy shoe label in Europe, and their shoes have been carried in the U.S. for some years. They have more of a minimalist design philosophy.

  2. Brooks Brothers

    Any word on the status of Brooks Brothers moving into the Smith & Hawken / Pottery Barn space?

  3. GM

    They were supposed to be open in June, but since Pottery Barn still hasn’t closed, I kind of doubt they’ll make that schedule.

  4. Camper is indeed a popular shoe label from Spain and are currently carried in the DC area in a few small independent shoe stores such as Shoefly.

    Madewell currently has a store open in Tysons Corner Center if anyone wants to see what their stores are like.

    After Pottery Barn exits their location, it will probably take some time for Brooks Brothers to build out their store, and I have heard 2011 is more likely, but Eastbanc would have the most accurate information.

    Thank you!

  5. John

    Any word on what is moving into the old Philly Cheesesteak building near the end of M St?

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  8. Sunny Mclean

    The old Cheesesteak space will become a burger joint from what I have heard in speaking with the Heon Family.

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