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Television Free Europe(an Bars)

The New York Times ran an interesting article last weekend; writer Glen Collins sought out bars and taverns in Gotham without televisions. This interesting idea got GM thinking, what bars and taverns in Georgetown are T.V.-free? The answer: not many.

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ABRA-Cadabra: A Final List of Georgetown Bars that Will Stay Open Late

According to the Capital Spice blog, the final list of bars and restaurants that will be open late in the District for the inauguration was released by the Alcoholic Beverage Regulatory Administration on Friday. Some of those establishments are in Georgetown, however only a handful of them are going to be able to serve alcohol late due to them not having a voluntary agreement. Find out who after the jump:

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What Georgetown Bars Might Be Open Late

As the Washington Post reports, 213 venues have applied to the D.C. Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration to stay open late on Inauguration weekend. Apparently a large number of those are in Ward 2. As reported on this blog, any bar in Georgetown with a voluntary agreement was not able to apply to ABRA to stay open late since neither the ANC nor CAG gave their consent to amend the VAs. When reporting this, GM was surprised to find out there were any Georgetown bars without a voluntary agreement. Well a review of ABRA records shows that there are lotsof bars in Georgetown without VAs, many of which are the type of place that would apply to stay open late and the type of place that a lot of residents really wish wouldn’t. Full list after the jump:

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About Those Later Hours

As we all know, the DC Council voted in emergency legislation last month to allow bars to stay open till 5:00 AM. Following some Congressional heat, they moved the hours back to 4:00 AM. Well then someone asked, “What about all those voluntary agreements?”  Newly minted DC Attorney General Peter Nickles responded with an opinion that said that the terms of the voluntary agreements superseded the Council’s action.

So what’s that mean? Well if you own a bar that’s not subject to a voluntary agreement, drink up! If you are subject to a voluntary agreement, you need to get all parties to the agreement to agree to an amendment (by today, by the way). This issue lead to some fireworks at last night’s ANC meeting. Read more after the jump

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