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What Are Georgetown’s Boundaries?

On Friday, regular reader William posed this question in the comments section to this post:

[W]here exactly does the north end of Georgetown end?

Georgetown is one of the few neighborhoods in the District whose boundaries are actually laid out by federal law. The Old Georgetown Act states that:

there is hereby created in the District of Columbia a district known as “Old Georgetown” which is bounded on the east by Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway from the Potomac River to the north boundary of Dumbarton Oaks Park, on the north by the north boundary of Dumbarton Oaks Park, Whitehaven Street and Whitehaven Parkway to Thirty-fifth Street, south along the middle of Thirty-fifth Street to Reservoir Road, west along the middle of Reservoir Road to Archbold Parkway, on the west by Archbold Parkway from Reservoir Road to the Potomac River, on the south by the Potomac River to the Rock Creek Parkway.

What does that look like in Google maps? Voila:

What Are Georgetown's Borders?

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