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ANC Preview: Lets Go Bowling Edition

Tonight, wasting no time the ANC will meet for its first session of the new year. And it should be a good one!

Mark It Dude

The most interesting item on the agenda is the proposed bowling alley for the redeveloped Georgetown Park mall. This will be the first chance for the public to see first hand what Vornado has in mind for the bowling alley. And in a larger sense, this is the first time Vornado will have to come before the public to talk about the interior of the mall period (they’ve been to the ANC multiple times for proposed exterior changes).

So far GM hasn’t heard too much of a negative response to the bowling alley from Georgetowners. But the Georgetown Park condo dwellers might not be so sanguine. They have struggled to get any information at all out of Vornado and are probably not in the mood to trust Vornado that all sound issues will be addressed.

And who knows, maybe Vornado will finally open up on their other plans for the mall? (Actually, GM knows: they won’t.)

Moving a Bikeshare Station

As mentioned here back in December, some people are angry at DDOT for eliminating a few parking spots on Wisconsin Ave. south of the canal in order to relocate the Capital Bikeshare station there.

The ANC is scheduled to take this matter up tonight. Expect them to take a position asking DDOT to move the station somewhere else and restore the parking spots. Continue reading

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