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ANC Preview: Lousy Smarch Edition

After the drama of last month’s ANC meeting, most normal ANC meetings would seem boring. But from its agenda, next week’s seems especially so. If the agenda has one redeeming quality, it would be brevity.

But GM will bite the bullet and try and make it at least sound interesting:

Solar Panels

Some organization named Georgetown Energy will be presenting on solar panels. Solar panels have a particularly tough time finding an application in Georgetown given the strict design review protections, but it doesn’t mean they have no place here. What this group will specifically discuss, though, GM hasn’t a clue.

So Long Traffic Lights

Several months ago the traffic lights on P St. in the East Village were converted to stop signs after a trial period of flashing red lights. The experiment was transfered over to the West Village last month. Presumably the trial red lights worked out and soon 33rd and Q, 34th and Q, and 34th and Reservoir will convert to stop signs. Continue reading



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ANC Roundup: 2012 Edition

In just over two year’s time, several pockets of Georgetown will have made significant changes from today. That was the theme of last night’s ANC meeting. The Future. Which is an odd theme for a historic district, but there you go.

The heart of last night’s meeting revolved around three projects that will probably seem to take an eternity to finish, but once done will hopefully be great additions to the neighborhood. These are the trolley tracks on O and P, and the conversion of two historic buildings into residential units: the Hurt Home and the Georgetown Post Office. Continue reading


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The Morning Metropolitan

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

Photo by Flickr user MattHurst used under Creative Commons.

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Champions Comes Back from the Dead

Blue Gin is Dead

This isn’t terribly newsy news, but GM only just noticed this: Blue Gin closed recently and re-opened as its old incarnation: Champions Sports Bar.

Blue Gin opened to sizzling press back in 2004. It took over Champions’ space after the bar and its notoriously lenient ID-checking habits had its liquor licensed pulled.

Well then was then and now is now, and apparently after a steep decline Blue Gin closed up shop sometime last November. GM can’t report on the ID leniency of the new Champions (he’ll leave that to Vox Populi), but according to first-hand accounts, Champion’s has quickly reverted to its loutish ways. It’s like it’s the 90’s all over again; if you close your eyes you can almost hear the 3rd Eye Blind.

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