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ANC Preview: Georgetown Gets More Britisher Edition

Union Jack by Iker Merodio.

Next tuesday, the ANC will be meeting for its June session. Note the shift from the normal Monday spot in order to avoid making people choose between civics and Memorial Day barbecues. It will be at the normal time and place, though, which is 6:30 at Visitation.

The agenda’s a full one, but one relatively small item jumped right out at GM. Apparently the British clothing store Jack Wills is planning on moving in where the O Salon used to be (just south of M on Wisconsin). This is the third highish-end British clothier to move into Georgetown in the last year or so. The others are Barbour–which is open–and All Saints–which is opening soon. Add to that Brooks Brothers, which is about the most Anglophilic of American stores, an a full-blown British invasion. Continue reading



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