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ANC Round-Up: Summer’s Here Edition

Last night the ANC met for its June session. It retreaded on some familiar ground,  but there was enough new stuff to keep it from “Groundhog Day” territory.


Sgt. Hedgecock gave his ordinary presentation on the state of MPD activity in Georgetown. It contained the normal reminders to keep your eyes open and to make sure not to keep your doors unlocked. But then he reported on a rather alarming crime. Apparently on May 22nd, a woman was picked up by a cab from the corner of Prospect and Wisconsin. But the cab driver drove the cab to somewhere other than where the woman wanted, and then proceeded to sexually assault her. This may be related to an earlier assault that originated in Dupont. Police have a lookout for a 30-40 year old middle eastern man driver a dark colored taxicab, not that that’s particularly helpful, but you ought to keep your eyes out for suspicious acting taxicab drivers.

O & P Streets:

The ANC gave a quick update on the O & P Streets construction. Apparently Washington Gas has had to extend its construction footprint due to the nature of their conversion to a high-pressure system. Also worth noting is that the project has its own PR firm and a website. So you don’t need to come to interminable community meetings to keep up to date. Finally, if you live along the construction and want the water pipe replaced between your house and the street, you need to reach out now.

Capital Bikeshare:

Chris Holben, DDOT’s CaBi director, spoke before the ANC about the two new proposed Georgetown stations: on P north of Rose Park and in the Long and Foster parking lot. The ANC is opposed to the north Rose Park location (they prefer the south end of Rose Park along M St.) and don’t necessarily oppose the Long & Foster location, but would prefer a station at Hyde-Addison. Holben said he’d take another look at those two locations, but made no promises.

Better news: Holben announced that on top of the 25 more stations that DC is adding soon, Tommy Wells has added $2 million to the budget for station expansion, which will result in 40 addition stations beyond the 25. This will mean a total of over 160 stations in the District (plus dozens more in Virginia). So even if Georgetown isn’t 100% happy with this next expansion, there will be more bites at the apple. Continue reading


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ANC Preview: Georgetown Gets More Britisher Edition

Union Jack by Iker Merodio.

Next tuesday, the ANC will be meeting for its June session. Note the shift from the normal Monday spot in order to avoid making people choose between civics and Memorial Day barbecues. It will be at the normal time and place, though, which is 6:30 at Visitation.

The agenda’s a full one, but one relatively small item jumped right out at GM. Apparently the British clothing store Jack Wills is planning on moving in where the O Salon used to be (just south of M on Wisconsin). This is the third highish-end British clothier to move into Georgetown in the last year or so. The others are Barbour–which is open–and All Saints–which is opening soon. Add to that Brooks Brothers, which is about the most Anglophilic of American stores, an a full-blown British invasion. Continue reading


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