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Survey of Historic School Buildings in Georgetown: Hyde School

Survey of Historic School Buildings in Georgetown: Hyde School

As part of GM’s continuing series surveying the historic school buildings in Georgetown he turns today to the last remaining open public elementary school in Georgetown: Hyde School.

Anthony Hyde School

3219 O St.

Built: 1907

Architect: Arthur B. Heaton

Current Owner: The District of Columbia

Hyde Elementary School was constructed in 1907. It was named after a Georgetown businessman and schools advocate Anthony J. Hyde who lived from 1810 to 1892.

Anthony Hyde was a leading proponent for the construction of the Curtis School which in 1875 was the first school building erected on the block between O and P streets just west of Wisconsin. Soon after the Curtis School was constructed, the Addison School was built right next to it.

By the turn of the century, these two school buildings were not enough for Georgetown’s school population. Thus on the same campus as Curtis and Addison, Hyde Elementary was built. Continue reading


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