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Jackson School Subject to Unsolicited Bid


Yesterday, GM wondered out loud why exactly the Jackson Art Center was on the ANC agenda. He found out. As he suspected, the matter relates to the lease between the artists and the city.

The Jackson School was used as an elementary school by the District until 1971. In 1980, the space began being used as artists studios. It has been used that way ever since, although the city still owns the building.

The lease between the art center and the city was apparently being negotiated recently when a third party came in with an unsolicited bid to buy the building from the city (presumably to convert the building into condos). This bid brought the lease negotiations to a halt. Continue reading


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Survey of Historic School Buildings in Georgetown: Hyde School

Survey of Historic School Buildings in Georgetown: Hyde School

As part of GM’s continuing series surveying the historic school buildings in Georgetown he turns today to the last remaining open public elementary school in Georgetown: Hyde School.

Anthony Hyde School

3219 O St.

Built: 1907

Architect: Arthur B. Heaton

Current Owner: The District of Columbia

Hyde Elementary School was constructed in 1907. It was named after a Georgetown businessman and schools advocate Anthony J. Hyde who lived from 1810 to 1892.

Anthony Hyde was a leading proponent for the construction of the Curtis School which in 1875 was the first school building erected on the block between O and P streets just west of Wisconsin. Soon after the Curtis School was constructed, the Addison School was built right next to it.

By the turn of the century, these two school buildings were not enough for Georgetown’s school population. Thus on the same campus as Curtis and Addison, Hyde Elementary was built. Continue reading


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A Survey of the Historic School Buildings in Georgetown: The Jackson School

Sometimes it seems that there are few children living in Georgetown. While GM has tried to rebut that perception with statistics, it is undeniable that before the late 20th century, there were many more children in Georgetown. What is more proof of that than the presence in Georgetown of no fewer than nine historic school buildings?

They’re there surely, but who but the longest term residents know much about their histories? GM has decided to perform a survey of Georgetown historic schools. He will piece together what information he can find to document the stories of these beautiful buildings (much of the research will come from the wonderful architectural survey performed in 1969 by the US Commission on the Fine Arts and led by Charles Atherton).

First up: GM’s neighbor, the Jackson School.

The Jackson School

The Jackson School
3048 R St.

Built: 1890

Architect: Unknown

Level: Elementary

Current Owner: DC Government

Current Use: Jackson Art Center artists’ studios Continue reading


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