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Georgetown From A to Y

Yesterday, GM made a passing reference to the variety of Georgetown offerings. When he compiles his annual list of Georgetown stores, GM uses somewhat broad categories so that the pie charts are a little more legible. But yesterday GM sat down and split up all the shops (and restaurants, realtors, etc.) into more accurate categories, more like you’d find in the Yellow Pages.

And voila, the list of every type of establishment in Georgetown*. Maybe someday GM will get around to putting in addresses and phone numbers, but for now he’ll leave that to you and Google:

*A couple caveats: GM decided to pick a single category for each establishment. This makes sense for most stores, but a place like Sweet Green is tougher. Wanting to describe what food each restaurant offered GM decided to call it “Salad”. Also GM might simply be wrong about what type of store these places are, so let him know in the comments.


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