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The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by Martin Kalfatovic.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

  • Georgetown Park mall note sold to Angelo, Gordon. Please “note” that holding the note doesn’t mean that Angelo, Gordon “owns” the mall. At least not yet. It just means that it is the holder of the loan on the property. ┬áIt’s unclear right now whether they can or would foreclose on the note.
  • PLEASE WATER YOUR STREET TREES! It hasn’t rained much in weeks, and the trees are really struggling, particularly the young ones.
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Become a Fan of the Georgetown Metropolitan!

The Georgetown Metropolitan is finally stepping into era of social networking (you know, the year 2008) and has set up a Facebook page. Click here to become a fan! You’ll get the Georgetown Metropolitan’s daily coverage straight to your Facebook feed, plus whatever else GM throws in there.

GM will eventually enter the era of Twitter (you know, the year 2009) but this’ll have to do for now…


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