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Survey of Historic School Buildings in Georgetown: The Fillmore School

It’s been a while since GM added an entry to his Survey of Historic School Buildings series, but today he inches closer to checking off all of them: the Fillmore School.

Fillmore School

1801 35th St.

Built: 1893

Architect: Unknown

Current Owner: Corcoran School of Art

Before getting too far into the discussion, GM would like to first address the jurisdictional question: yes the Fillmore School is in Georgetown. Barely. According to federal law, the Georgetown historic district line runs down the middle of 35th st. between Reservoir Rd. and Wisconsin Ave. So Fillmore is in Georgetown, the homes across the street are (technically) not. Subject matter jurisdiction established.

The Fillmore School was built in 1893 and named (presumably) in honor of our last Whig and most comically named president: Millard Fillmore. It was built to serve upper Georgetown’s white population. Ultimately it would be Burleith’s local elementary school too, but most of Burleith was completely undeveloped until the 1920s.

GM searched the Washington Post archives for stories about the early years of Fillmore, and only came up with a handful of tidbits. In June 1894, the teachers and students of Fillmore gave a concert at Western High School, which was then located in the Curtis School (which used to be next to Hyde). The program included pieces by the Sawyer Fife and Drum corps. and the Mother Goose Cantata.  Continue reading



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The Morning Metropolitan

Canal by Daquella Manera.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

  • Really cool then-and-now piece on Sarah’s Market.
  • The Current reported that the deal between the Corcoran and EastBanc to sell the Fillmore School was canceled over a disagreement on timing. Presumably this will delay any possible sale, which would seem to be a larger timing issue, but what does GM know.


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The Morning Metropolitan

Apple Store by Blakespot.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:


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Fillmore School Building Reportedly Sold to EastBanc

GM started hearing rumors a week ago about the possible sale of the historic Fillmore School building. On Friday, he heard it confirmed from reliable sources that the building was in fact sold.

The building at 1801 35th St. was built in 1892 and named after our last Whig president, Millard Fillmore. It was surplussed by the District in 1998 and bought by the Corcoran Gallery of Art. The Corcoran has since then used the property for classes and gallery space.

Word has spread that the Corcoran has sold the building to EastBanc. GM reached out to both the Corcoran and EastBanc, but neither responded to emailed inquires. Continue reading


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