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The Morning Metropolitan

Photo of the Georgetown Library by Melystu.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:


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Come Learn More About the Georgetown Village

Tomorrow night, organizers of the Georgetown Village will be holding reception at the Georgetown Presbyterian church on P St. at 7:00 pm.

GM has mentioned this before, but it’s probably worth repeating. The Georgetown Village is a proposed program modeled after other successful programs in the area (e.g. the Capitol Hill Village). The concept is to create a network of support for Georgetown senior residents so that they may live in their homes longer. For example, here are some of the services that the Georgetown Village would like to provide:

  • Transportation to the supermarket, doctor, etc.
  • Help around the house with simple tasks
  • Social events
  • Educational programs

You get all that for just a introductory yearly fee of $500 for an individual or $800 for a household. Continue reading

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ANC Preview: Odds and Ends Edition

As we suffer through the last days of this lousy Smarch weather, we can look hopefully on the fact that next week is April. We can get through this! And with the first week of April comes the April ANC meeting. And the agenda for that meeting has been released, and it’s a mix of odds and ends.

French Market

The French Market returns again this year on the weekend of April 29th. It’s a great affair highlighting the stores on the north end of Wisconsin Ave. GM thinks it would be even better if they closed down traffic on Wisconsin Ave. for the event and created a true plaza, but that’s not in the cards. Even taking out a lane of parking to increase space would be great, but the city refuses to shut down only a part of the road for events like this.

Anyway, it’ll still be a great event and wonderful way to support the Book Hill shops.

Georgetown Village

The Georgetown Village is an effort by citizens in Georgetown to replicate a program that has been successful in other neighborhoods, like Capitol Hill. What this program is designed to do is to encourage seniors to age-in-place and continue living in the communities that they’ve grown to love by creating a network to “support the medical, functional, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of older adults.” In real world terms, that could mean rides to the Safeway or a doctor, daily check-ins, and social events, among other things. Small things that can cumulatively really make the difference between staying in your home or not.

Right now, the Georgetown Village effort is recruiting its inaugural members and will hold a kick-off meeting on April 26th at 6:30 at the Georgetown Presbyterian Church. Continue reading

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The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by Carol Joynt.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:


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