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Not So Long Ago: Wisconsin and S

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This week on Not So Long Ago, GM sticks with the same block he’s been covering the last couple weeks: Wisconsin and S.

Nowadays, this stretch boasts Baytok Tailors, Talio hair salon, Collins Hospital for Animals and a Starbucks.

Eighteen years ago the space that contains Baytok appears to have been empty (the windows are covered). There is red fretwork in the windows that makes it look like it might have hosted a Chinese restaurant at one point, but that’s a wild guess. By 2004 at the latest, Baytok was already occupying this space.

Next door, 18 years ago the space now occupied by Talio was occupied by, well, Talio. They may be the longest standing business on this block.

Or it could be Collins animal hospital, which was also open next door in 1993.

So to a large extent, other than some design changes, much of this part of this block has stayed very much the same.

That is except for the Starbucks. As covered in an earlier Not So Long Ago, the Starbucks used to be a used car dealership of all things.
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Ralph Lauren Specialty Store To Close

Double R-L To Close

The Washington Business Journal reports that Ralph Lauren specialty store RRL (apparently pronounced “Double-R L”) will close this coming weekend. Apparently three different Ralph Lauren stores on Wisconsin is one too much. The vintage-ish store has been open since June 2007. 

GM has never gone to RRL (it’s awfully easy to walk right by the place without even noticing it), but maybe there’ll be specials this weekend to make it worth the first and last visit.

Neither Rugby nor the normal Ralph Lauren store at 1245 Wisconsin will be affected by the closing.


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Around Town

Ugly Dolls

Seen on Wisconsin Ave.:  UglyDolls. Anyone know the correct term for a grouping of UglyDolls? Is it a gaggle? A bevy? A school?

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M St. as Dodge City?


Courtesy of Shorpy.com

Courtesy of Shorpy.com

The Georgetown Current has a bit more detail on the shocking possibility that gun stores could open in Georgetown. Two things are clearer now: Where they could be and how little the neighborhood can do to stop them. Read more after the jump:

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WMATA Tries Out Bus Only Lanes For Obama Day

The Washington Post is reporting that there will be bus-only lanes through Georgetown from Wisconsin Ave. to Washington Circle in Foggy Bottom on Inauguration Day. They write:

Although widespread bridge and street closures will restrict personal vehicle access, Metrobuses will be allowed to use both and will use special bus-only lanes through Georgetown from Wisconsin Avenue to Washington Circle (23rd Street and Pennsylvania Avenue), for example, bypassing regular traffic.

It’s a little unfortunate that the Washington Post feels the need to explain to its readers where Washington Circle is. But that aside, what they don’t do is say what road will have the bus-only lane. It could be either M St. or K St. Which is it? Find out that and how you might want to get used to the lane for the future, after the jump:

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Safeway’s Curb Cuts


The New Social Safeway

The New Social Safeway

As described earlier, the Social Safeway as it currently exists isn’t long for this world. They have put forward a dramatic new design whereby the whole building will be moved up to front Wisconsin. However, Safeway plans to keep the same ingress and egress. DDOT may have something to say about that though. Will there be one or two driveways for Social Safeway, Mark II? More after the jump:

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More From That Survey

After posting that chart listing all the businesses in Georgetown that are on either Wisconsin or M (or just off either), GM realized there were some errors in the chart that needed the be corrected:

  1. The Georgetown Mall’s shops were added
  2. Several stores were left off simply by mistake
  3. The Beatles song is “Baby’s Got Me Locked up in Chains” not “Wrapped”.

With these revisions, the overall stats are not really different (the Georgetown Mall actually has many independent shops, although that may change with Lanier’s Bloomingdale’s proposal). Here is some of the revised data, with some further breakdown:


Independents        298      69.79%

Chains                     117      27.40%

Regional Chains     12        2.81%



Independents        155      77.11%

Chains                      36        17.91%

Regional Chains     10        4.98%


M St.              

Independents         143      63.27%

Chains                      81        35.84%

Regional Chains     2          0.88%


Within One Block of Wis. & M St.

Independents         39        45.88%

Chains                      45        52.94%

Regional Chains      1          1.18%



Independents         76        74.51%

Chain                        21        20.59%

Regional Chain        5          4.90%



Independents         72        59.50%

Chain                        49        40.50%

Regional Chain        0          0.00%



Independents         25        96.15%

Chain                        1          3.85%

Regional Chain        0          0.00%


The revised chart is available here. Please feel free to review it and offer corrections. Whether something is a “chain” or an “independent” or a “regional chain” is not a scientific distinction, so feel free to weigh in.

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