Lost Pets on the Rise?

Lost Pets on the Rise?

Is it GM, or have there been a spate of lost pets notices up recently. Above are notices for a lost cat and a lost beagle. Specifically, a lost “shy” beagle (as if the story of a lost dog wasn’t sad enough). GM has also seen a sign for a lost Newfoundland. A Newfoundland! Those guys are the size of a small moose. How does a Newfee get lost? Is someone stealing pets?

Lost pet signs are one of saddest common sidewalk scenes. GM thinks there ought to be a law that requires owners who have been reunited with their pets to put up signs saying “Found him. Don’t worry about it anymore.”



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4 responses to “Lost Pets on the Rise?

  1. Jay Reeder

    Never mind the “found him” posters. I’d be happy if the pet-detectives just had the common courtesy of eventually removing the posters they’ve blanketed the neighborhood with.

  2. Thanks for mentioning my lost newfoundland, saw the quote in the Express. Would you mind posting her lost blog findmydogalli.blogspot.com on your blog? We miss her a ton, and I promise once I find her I will personally take down every sign I have put up.


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