ANC Roundup: An Apple Falls in Line

Quick and efficient, yet thorough, ANC meeting tonight. We had farmers markets, beer, grocery stores, pistols, and fire hydrants. And that was just the first half. It all led up to the finale, when Apple showed up with the tail between their legs and proposed a more traditional design. How did the Commission respond? Find out after the jump.

Big Story: Apple showed up with a traditional design for their concept. As you may remember, in December they showed up with a pretty radical design. They were rejected by both the ANC and the Old Georgetown Board (only the second of which actually matters). Apple fanboys got pissed. The news media portrayed the ANC as some NIMBY preservation mandarins.  Recriminations were recriminating everywhere.

Well it appears that Apple’s architect got the message. They came back with a significantly more Georgetown-friendly design tonight. GM hopes to have images to share with you tomorrow, but in the mean time, here’s a rough description:

  • The building is only one story, but the facade is two floors with the top being flush with its neighbors (right now a pediment sits a good six feet above the neighbors’ rooflines). Most of the material is going to be white brickwork. There will be dentil mouldings on the top to match the Italianate style that dominates Georgetown. 
  • There will be four double hung windows evenly spaced across the second floor. There will be two courses of millwork above and below the windows.
  • The first floor will be an all glass facade (with the exception of a thin brick border running down to the ground on the sides). The glass facade will be set back about 3-4 feet from the sidewalk so that the front door, which must open outwardly for code reasons, can be flush with the wall. A small glass apple sign will hang down in front of the door. 
  • As stated, this is only a one story building, but there will be a two story vestibule just within the store to sit behind the two story facade.

The Commissioners were happy with the new designs and gave their approval. It’s still very early in the design. This is only the design concept. Even if it is approved by the Old Georgetown Board, they will have to come back with the final designs.

Check back soon for actual images (or if GM can’t get those, check back for more Photoshop hacksaw jobs).

Quote of the Night: “Guns and liquor, that’s what our agenda is” – Commissioner Ron “Cool Hand” Lewis on the agenda’s segue from gun stores to liquor stores.

Go Ahead Zoning Commission, Make My Day: As mentioned, the ANC turned its sights on the actions of the zoning commission to allow gun stores 300 feet away from homes, schools, and churches.  As predicated by GM, there was in fact some primo bloviating. The commission adopted a resolution to condemn the commission from adopting gun store regulations significantly looser than those first proposed (which would have resulted in no gun stores in Georgetown).  The overall message: “You’ll pry that gun store into our cold dead hands.”

ANC P.O.’d Over Fire Hydrants: A representative from WASA attended the meeting tonight to get excoriated for the state of Georgetown’s fire hydrants. According to the rep, about one third of all Georgetown fire hydrants “Need Maintenance”.  The rep claimed that “Needs Maintenance” means that it still works, it just needs to be fixed up for one reason or another. However, according to eye witnesses reporter Commissioner Ed Solomon, there was a fire at the Addison School last week at which a hydrant marked “Needs Maintenance” was non-functional. As the shell of the Georgetown Library still stands empty, this is scary stuff. The ANC demanded that WASA come back and report on its progress at the February meeting.


  • The Burleith and Glover Park Citizen Associations are trying to put together farmers markets for Saturday mornings this summer at the newly renovated Hardy school.
  • Safeway is roughly scheduled to shut its doors as early as “early spring”
  • Dixie Liquors applied to get an exemption from the single-sales ban. Commissioner Starrels suggested a middle path where expensive beers like Chimay are approved but small bottles of liquor are not. Time to go Belgian, winos!


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