After Cafritz Fire, Do You Feel Safe?

After Cafritz Fire, Do You Feel Safe?

Even before the embers of Peggy Cafritz’s home ceased smoldering, residents throughout the District began wondering whether the fire hydrant on their street has the pressure to put out a fire at their house. After the Georgetown Library fire two years ago, Georgetown residents are particularly worried about the matter.

It’s not the first time it’s come up since the library fire. WASA got a tounge lashing from the ANC last February. WASA came back in March to the ANC and in April to CAG to let us know that everything is OK. Nonetheless, when we see fire crews having to walk blocks away looking for water pressure, it’s not difficult to doubt their assurances.

According to the Post, the problems for the water pressure didn’t begin until the fire crews attached a third hose to the same water main. That would suggest that the hydrants worked as expected, but they simply aren’t expected to work that well. This adds to Georgetowners’ anxiety since they’ve been telling us how our hydrants (at least those marked correctly) work as expected.

How do you feel? Do you feel safe?


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3 responses to “After Cafritz Fire, Do You Feel Safe?

  1. The decay of our civil engineering is a problem throughout the country, whether it is in DC, New Orleans, Minneapolis, etc. The loss of Mrs. Cafritz’ home and contemporary art collection, as well as the Georgetown Public Library fire, are just a couple of local previews of what could happen if we do not buckle down and take care of delayed maintenance. Georgetown, with its historic structures usually built very close together, is particularly vulnerable.

  2. GM

    Yeah, I was particularly disturbed by the idea that the waterline had as much water pressure as they would expect it to. I would hope that any hydrant would have enough water pressure to extinguish a small to medium sized fire. If you’ve got to haul all the way over a couple blocks to put out a big fire, well that would seem to compound the problem wouldn’t it?

  3. Moreover, if there is one thing this city is not lacking it’s water supply, from the Potomac to Rock Creek to the Anacostia to the Tidal Basin. This is a ridiculous state of affairs.

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