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ANC Preview: Here’s Your Chance

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to stay at an ANC meeting until the bitter end? Of course you haven’t! But that’s no reason not to do it at least once. And next Monday may be your best chance.

The Old Georgetown Board doesn’t meet in January. Therefore the ANC doesn’t have a single Old Georgetown Matter to consider. As a result, Monday’s meeting will be the shortest of the year.

But that doesn’t mean it will be boring! Well, at least not by ANC standards. Check out a few of the items on the agenda:

  • An update from Safeway. Will they meet their May deadline? Have they rented out the first floor retail yet?
  • Snow removal. How did the city perform? How about citizens and businesses?
  • West End Fire Station. How would we be covered if the city goes ahead with plans to redevelop the West End Fire Station plot?
  • Philly Pizza Showdown. Tuesday is the big showdown before the Zoning Administrator for Philly Pizza. Does the restaurant have a chance?

So come on over to Visitation Monday night and join in on the condensed fun.


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Violent Patient Going “Berserk” on PCP Not From Georgetown

Yesterday morning, GM reported about a rather disturbing tweet from the DC Fire and EMS twitter page:

@dcfireems: Update – EMS – 3000 blk Q St NW – violent patient – poss PCP – went beserk – crew sought refuge – patient in custody w/MPD – unit damaged

So a violent patient on PCP went berserk on the 3000 block of Q St? Yikes.

The AP came in and added clarity without really making the whole situation any less frightening for residents:

WASHINGTON (AP) – A man who became violent in an ambulance, forcing medics to flee, is in custody of the D.C. police.

D.C. Fire and EMS spokesman Pete Piringer says the ambulance responded to an address on Q Street in northwest Washington shortly after 9 a.m. Monday.

Piringer says the patient was believed to be suffering from an overdose, possibly from PCP.

He says that after the patient became violent, the crew got out of the ambulance and radioed for police. The man damaged the ambulance, which has been taken out of service. Nobody was hurt.

Putting these two reports together it would seem that someone on the 3000 block of Q St. overdosed on PCP, attacked the ambulance crew (who had to seek refuge), and was arrested by MPD. Continue reading

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After Cafritz Fire, Do You Feel Safe?

After Cafritz Fire, Do You Feel Safe?

Even before the embers of Peggy Cafritz’s home ceased smoldering, residents throughout the District began wondering whether the fire hydrant on their street has the pressure to put out a fire at their house. After the Georgetown Library fire two years ago, Georgetown residents are particularly worried about the matter.

It’s not the first time it’s come up since the library fire. WASA got a tounge lashing from the ANC last February. WASA came back in March to the ANC and in April to CAG to let us know that everything is OK. Nonetheless, when we see fire crews having to walk blocks away looking for water pressure, it’s not difficult to doubt their assurances.

According to the Post, the problems for the water pressure didn’t begin until the fire crews attached a third hose to the same water main. That would suggest that the hydrants worked as expected, but they simply aren’t expected to work that well. This adds to Georgetowners’ anxiety since they’ve been telling us how our hydrants (at least those marked correctly) work as expected.

How do you feel? Do you feel safe?


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