Safeway Hardship Discount Over

Safeway recently gave us one less reason to stay loyal during the construction of Social Safeway Mark II. As GM pointed out, Safeway offered an automatic 10% discount to Georgetown residents when they shop at one of Safeway’s other stores. GM naively thought this hardship discount would last during the extent of the construction. He found out last weekend that that’s not the case. Apparently Safeway stopped the discount in July.

GM didn’t notice until his Safeway Club Card discount seemed only as big as, well, a normal Club Card discount. The cashier verified our suspicions, the 10 percent discount was discontinued. Presumably Safeway figures whatever habits Georgetowners will form during the construction have already formed.

And hey, how’s that construction coming anyway? Construction photo after the jump:

safeway progress

Here’s the construction cam from yesterday. They really seem to be making some progress. Maybe they’ll actually be open next spring after all.

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