All the Closings and Openings from 2009

As a follow up to Tuesday’s survey of Georgetown shops, GM wanted to publish a complete list of all the stores and restaurants that closed and opened in Georgetown in 2009:

The dearly departed:

  • Curry Club
  • Linen Press
  • District Fine Arts
  • Georgetown Electrolysis
  • Tabar
  • Bella Mama
  • Gala
  • Custom Tailors
  • Stitch DC
  • RRL
  • Countrywide
  • Tip Top Cleaners
  • Sprint
  • Philadelphia Cheesesteak Factory
  • Lumas
  • Linge Roset (Supposedly going to reopen in Georgetown, but for now GM will continue to call it closed.)
  • Modern Lounge (Still open)
  • Chez Mama San (Closed in 2007)
  • Pilgrim Access
  • Nathan’s
  • Chicos
  • Ritz Camera
  • Smith and Hawken
  • Georgetown Pet Boutique
  • Ed Chasen Fine Art
  • Ann Hand
  • Benihana
  • Carolina Moon
  • Christian Bernard
  • Creativity
  • Fresh Choice
  • Global Sport
  • Tae Kwon Do Academy
  • Gracaddi
  • J. Royal Jewelers
  • Knits, Etc.
  • Le Cadeau
  • Lost City Art
  • Lua Cheia
  • Mass’s Closet
  • Papillon
  • Secret Garden Florist
  • Sharper Image (Closed in 2008).
  • The Style
  • Talbots
  • Taxco  Sterling Co.
  • Watch Time
  • Tretorn

The Rosy Cheeked Babies:

  • Arisu
  • Anthony
  • Georgetown Birdcage
  • TD Bank
  • Pet Gallery
  • Heydari
  • Ed Hardy
  • Fitness Together
  • Snaidero
  • The North Face
  • Temporary Public Library
  • J. Chocolatier
  • Fresh
  • True Religion Jeans
  • Verizon
  • M3 Massage
  • Hu’s Wear


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12 responses to “All the Closings and Openings from 2009

  1. Vassilis Borovas

    Thank you listing the 2009 closings and openings in Georgetown. A couple quick points/corrections:
    a) The Sharper Image closed nationally in the spring of 2008, not 2009, and
    b) Ligne Roset’s website claims that its Georgetown store is not closing, but relocating from Cady’s Alley to Wisconsin Avenue soon (no address provided)

  2. GM

    Thanks Vassilis. I was a little unsure about the mall stores because last year when I did this survey I didn’t perform a walk-through of the mall. I simply referred to the website, which was clearly out of date. Going forward I should have a more accurate picture since I actually walked through the mall this year to survey the stores.

  3. anon

    Chez Mama San closed way before 2009; according to Yelp, it was in 2007. I think it might have been earlier than that.

  4. GM

    Thanks Anon. It’s off the beaten path a little bit, so I didn’t realize it was closed when I counted it last year.

    Any other ones I got wrong?

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  6. Vassilis

    A lost retailer not listed is the Swedish store Tretorn – it closed a couple months ago.

  7. I believe Modern is still open. At least at nights anyway.

  8. GM

    Yeah I just learned that the Modern is still open today. It sure as hell looked closed though.

    I’ll make those changes.

  9. ben

    the reason a bottle disco will be good at the old nathans is there’s nothing around for them to disturb. cag/anc always get upset about that. they have three floors, which is way better than a basement,what modern is now.

  10. Jonathan

    Do’s Custom Tailors did not close. It’s lease was not renewed in that location and it has moved up Wisconsin Ave, a bit north of P St, if I recall correctly.

  11. Do Customer

    Do did not close. All tenants were evicted from the Nathans building. Do is now across from Thomas Sweet/Marvelous Market, second floor. 1508 Wisconsin Avenue.

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