Adorable Car Accident on 30th St.

Last Thursday GM came upon what could be the most adorable car accident he’ll ever see. It was a vintage Fiat 500 that had apparently broken lose. According to an eyewitness on the scene, the car was empty as it careened down 30th side-swiping parked cars as it went. It jumped the sidewalk and ended up in the flowerbed as seen above. GM doesn’t know what caused the car to break free, but he suspect a failed parking brake.

In all seriousness, it’s a blessing that nobody got hurt. And it’s certain that the owners of the Fiat, the sideswiped cars, and the flowerbed are unlikely to see anything funny in this scene. But the rest of us can at least get a little laugh out of shots like these:



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24 responses to “Adorable Car Accident on 30th St.

  1. Lou

    We’re Barbra Streisand and Ryan O’Neal seen running from the scene?

  2. Greg

    There is nothing adorable about this accident. My son and Nanny were on the sidewalk in the direct path of this clunker.
    If these vintage cars are not safe for today’s world they should not be driven.

    As opposed to making light of the situation I think the person who owns this car should be publically shamed.

  3. Is that Jean Pierre’s car? Jean Pierre the antique dealer, formerly hairdresser? If it is Jean Pierre’s car, someone should call him…….he is probably unaware that his car ran away.

  4. Greg

    It is his car. He is aware that his car ran away as the car is no longer there.

  5. Matthias

    If these vintage cars are not safe for today’s world they should not be driven.

    No, if drivers do not park safely with vehicle in gear, brake engaged and wheels curbed they should be fined.

  6. Greg

    you don’t think cars should be updated to today’s standards so the parking brakes work? your son wasn’t the one almost hit.

  7. greg: accidents happen. thankfully you and your son weren’t hurt. if we follow your logic, everything built before 2009 should be taken off the road, because all cars are—by default—not up to the most modern standards.

  8. Ken Archer

    How did the car make it to the curb? Was there a curb cut, or what there no car parked in one of the spaces?

  9. Autumn


    I am very glad your son was not hurt – but don’t over react – car accidents happen every day, and the vast majority of them are not caused by vintage vehicles on the loose in a posh neighborhood.

    You have to try and see the humor in life when it’s not tragic – so lighten up a little bit.

    I was nearly hit by a car the other way while in the cross walk, walking with the signal. A driver was turning left into the crosswalk and didn’t seem to want to stop – so I yelled “stop!” and the driver just looked at me and said “I just didn’t see you”

    So, I guess we shouldn’t allow any drivers on the road until they have the most modern observation skills available.

  10. The car looks like it’s munching on some shrubbery. Nom nom nom….

  11. Greg

    “My son and nanny…” Can’t take care of your own kid? Get off your high horse. It’s a cute accident.

  12. It would be even cuter if the nanny’s severed head were splattered on the windshield.

    (Joking, obviously.)

  13. Old Georgetowner

    My brand new eighty thousand dollar Mercedes failed this morning on I-66 with near catastrophic results.

    It isn’t the age or quality of the car that’s at issue.

  14. B

    I thought this car was adorable too until my 1 year old son was almost hit. While accidents happen everyday, this one was 100 percent avoidable if the owner had taken basic precautions.

    To respond to several previous posters:
    – When both parents work many children have a nanny to care for them during the day. Luckily our son’s nanny is attentive, responsible, and loving and moved quickly enough to avoid a potentially very serious accident.
    – While crossing the street one expects to watch for careless drivers. One does not expect to be nearly hit by a carless driver on the sidewalk no where near an intersection.
    – There were several open spaces in front of the curb where the accident happened

  15. MLD

    This is why when parking on an incline you have to turn your wheels and keep your car in gear:

    Facing downhill: turn the wheels all the way toward the curb

    Facing uphill: turn the wheels all the way away from the curb

    That way if the brake fails the car runs into the curb.

  16. Ken Archer

    If there were curb cuts, then I would place most of the blame on them. Curb cuts are evil for several aesthetic reasons, for efficiency reasons (they usually remove more on-street parking than they create off-street), and for safety reasons. Specifically, they encourage faster driving and they remove a buffer of parked cars that can be the difference between life and death for pedestrians.

  17. Autumn

    “- While crossing the street one expects to watch for careless drivers. One does not expect to be nearly hit by a carless driver on the sidewalk no where near an intersection.”

    LIFE is dangerous!

    I had a friend injured when a car drove into the front of the store she was shopping in. She is fine and totally sees the humor in the randomness of the event.

    A former co-worker of mine was attacked by a run away hub cab a few years back while walking on a regular sidewalk.

    I’m sure we all have stories of near misses and actual hits that we can look at with some humor.

    So again, really – while it sucks that this car nearly hit your kid, life is full of risks – so stop being so self involved to think that others cannot find humor in an event where no-one was (thankfully) injured. Seriously the world does not revolve around you, your son and your nanny!

  18. Enzo

    Both parents work so they can live in a posh neighborhood. Leaving their poor child with an under payed under educated baby sitter. at least they are in a safe neighborhood where all they have to worry about is runaway cute cars.! Bwahahah. Too bad they miss their mommy all day. anyway, enough of the georgetowner. I own a 500 and it pains me to see this one wrecked. Luckily, it will only cost $69.50 to fix it. Cutest car wreck ever.

  19. EastGeorgetowner

    MLD has posted the most reasonable and practical advice in this string. Cars, parked properly and with appropriately maintained parts, generally will be OK. Saying a curb cut caused the accident is not reasonable, and bashing commenters for personal reasons, like having a nanny, is not fighting fair. To stick up for B just a little, while I don’t agree vintage cars should be taken off the streets, it is perfectly OK not to think the accident was funny — a good sense of humor does not necessarily include laughing at potentially fatal situations, whether they involve your loved ones or anybody else. In fact, some people might call that foolish.

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  22. Does anyone know the address of where this vehicle came to rest so I can print the article out and place it in the appropriate vertical file in the Peabody Room? Thanks!

  23. GM

    I believe it’s 1620 30th St.

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