Car Spotting

A reader passed along this rather bizarre video above from Doug DeMuro. In it, he drives around Georgetown and points out interesting cars from the last couple decades. (“Interesting” in the sense that 99.9% of people would completely glaze past them, but he thinks they’re cool!).

GM couldn’t help but recognize a few of the cars in the video, particularly since it was briefly filmed on his street. Which got him wondering, what are the cars he sees around the neighborhood that he can’t help take note of each time?

Well, here are the ones that come to mind:

The first is one he hasn’t actually seen in a long time, but he can’t ignore it: Jean-Pierre Sarfati’s Fiat 500:

The photo above captured this adorable little car after its parking brake snapped and it came crashing down 30th St. back in 2010. It survived this and remained on the streets for years later, but as GM mentioned, it doesn’t seem to be around anymore. Too bad!

The next notable car GM notices around are actually three cars: the Ferraris of 30th St.

These three Ferraris (at first it was just two) appeared on the streets in the last six years or so. GM has never been able to figure out who owns them, and why two red Ferraris were one red Ferrari too few.

Finally, there’s the DC Cab on 28th St.:

GM first noticed this last year. It really appears to be a decommissioned DC cab, from before they started requiring the red paint job in 2013. The car itself is obviously much older than 2013, but GM can assure you that plenty of DC cabs were that old in 2013. Obviously it’s owned by a fan of great Hollywood cinema!

So what are the notable cars you love seeing around the neighborhood?


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  1. Maddie Grant

    Nothing recent, but my parents who live on 35th and P used to have a Peugeot 405 brought over from France in the 80s – they would get offers weekly from people who wanted to buy it…

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