Support CAG’s Public Safety Program

For several years, the Citizens Association of Georgetown has run a public safety program that supplements MPD’s normal coverage. It does this by hiring Securitas to patrol the neighborhood and by paying for a reimbursable detail from MPD (where normal MPD officers are paid overtime to work extra hours).

This doesn’t come cheap though. To maintain this program, CAG needs to solicit donations every year. Right now they’re in the middle of one of their fundraisers. So give what you can to support this worthwhile program.


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3 responses to “Support CAG’s Public Safety Program

  1. Ken Archer

    Does the program work? Based on your research (, summer crime has gone up from 2006-2010. This is pretty much the period of time during which the number of reimbursable detail has increased.

    I know the MPD tell us at the ANC meetings that reimbursable detail is effective and that criminals have been caught that wouldn’t have otherwise been caught, but (a) MPD has a vested interest in selling reimbursable details and (b) the data seem to show the opposite.

    Are we simply paying for safety theater?

  2. Richard

    Last I checked…I paid taxes which are ostensibly used to pay for police. We live in a very safe area of this city, and in a fairly safe period of crime at the local and national level. I am not paying extra to hire Pinkertons to wander the area…or more often sit in their car with their yellow lights spinning.

    Again, this seems like an issue of people wanting to make Georgetown, part of a big scary urban city, into some sort of gated community. We live in the city. If you don’t like living in a city…there are plenty of large gated communities and areas with restrictive HOAs that will happily supply you with relatively pointless Pinkerton patrols.


  3. asuka

    Thanks for the reminder – I’ll happily donate to this worthwhile program.

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