Not So Long Ago: Wisconsin and Q

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This week at Not So Long Ago, GM moves up a block from last week at stops by the excellent Dolcezza.

Dolcezza is an absolute gem of Georgetown. It has been selling its excellent Argentinian gelato since 2003. They have since opened two more locations in Bethesda and Dupont. But they still make their gelato in the basement of their Georgetown store.

In 1993, this space was apparently home to a fortune teller named Mrs. Dean. Fortune tellers still dot the Georgetown streetscape, but it seems the days of fortune tellers taking up an entire building are gone.

GM couldn’t find any information on Mrs. Dean. Nor can he remember what was in that space before Dolcezza. Anyone remember?

Here are the photos if you can’t get Flash to work above:



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6 responses to “Not So Long Ago: Wisconsin and Q

  1. Brad Altman

    I believe there was an office supply/stationary store there in the late 80’s

  2. RobRob

    I love that the TV antenna is still on the roof.

  3. Maurice

    Though I prefer the Ice Cream as a business, the building had a better look with Mrs Dean! How suprising

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  5. I think @Brad is correct. I remember driving down Wisconsin Ave and seeing lots of copiers and office supplies inside.

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