Z-Burger May Be Coming To Georgetown

GM heard a an interesting rumor the other day. Apparently, Z-Burger is planning on moving in to Georgetown. He tried to confirm, but didn’t hear back. Nonetheless, the rumor sounded pretty reliable so GM is passing it on.

Z-Burger is a DC-based burger joint with two locations on Wisconsin Ave. (one in Glover Park, the other in Tenleytown). The Georgetown location would also be on Wisconsin, according to what GM heard. It would takeover the space currently housing Aashik at 1424 Wisconsin Ave.

If this turns out to be true, it would be emblematic of two changes creeping through the neighborhood. The first is obvious: we’ve got a lot of burger joints. Five Guys replaced Au Pied Cochon about 5 years ago, News Cafe turned into Thunder Burger, Bill’s Burgers is supposed to take over the old Cheesesteak Factory, and of course we’ve got old standbys like Wingos.

The second change is more incipient and potentially more significant. Between N St. and P St. on Wisconsin there are a lot of, let’s say, “affordable” clothing stores. GM hears people gripe about these all the time, and many people have various theories about these business, theories that GM won’t publish due to the fact he doesn’t carry libel insurance.

One characteristic of these stores is that they frequently put up “going out of business” signs despite the fact they never seem to actually go out of business. Or sometimes they do shut down and then reopen pretty much the same store under a new name. But recently it seems like some of these stores are genuinely going out of business. Originals is shutting down to be replaced by Ice Berry. Aashik may be replaced by Z-Burger. And other stores store-fronts have what appear to be genuine “for sale” signs up.

If this really does signal a shift for that stretch of Wisconsin, GM hopes that one over-concentration of store type (i.e. cheap clothing store) isn’t replaced with another (i.e. fast food).


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14 responses to “Z-Burger May Be Coming To Georgetown

  1. And Z-Burger’s got them all beat.

  2. Speaking of BID…….whatever happened to their rebranding of Georgetown campaign. Didn’t they spend a lot of money bringing in some outside consultants to rebrand Georgetown?

    Suggestion: With all the ice cream, cupcake, burger joints here, maybe Georgetown should be rebranded FAT CITY.

  3. GM

    Well there is a lot of money in the sale of grease and sugar. That’s actually sounds like a good restaurant name: Grease ‘n Sugar.

  4. Randy Roffman

    Grease (or Fat) ‘n Sugar would be an excellent name GM, for a new place to get your arteries hardened and your insulin level spiked. We can put it where Serendipity and Nathans used to be, then FAT CITY will finally have the restaurant it deserves. Maybe Anthony Lanier will back us.

  5. RNM

    Not sure the well heeled folks in Georgetown noticed…but over the last few years there was a bit of an economic downturn. One of the lesser results of that has been a growth in lower end restaurants as even top chefs like Hubert Keller dive in to money making models. People were “trained” that going out for dinner was the thing to do…hell we barely know anyone who cooks at home these days in all those glorious chefs kitchens that were added into homes. As economic realities hit home…people looked for cheaper “going out” alternatives. Most folks can’t afford a mean at Citronelle, but they can enjoy a damn find burger from Five Guys…and really the hamburger is the all American meal. Though, as with any trend it will tilt too far and then it will swing back. The only constant is change.

  6. John Paul

    I’ve never been to Z-burger and I would rather have a nice Sushi restaurant or Dim Sum joint at the 1400 block of Wisconsin Ave – but, I’ll take anything, ANYTHING, over those stores around there.

  7. WestGeorgetowner

    Imagine a really great Chinese restaurant — on the level of the one the Chinese government sponsored and staffed downtown in the late 1970s.

  8. EastGeorgetowner

    If you are looking for a really great Chinese restaurant, try Sichuan Pavilion at 18th and K. It may even be the offspring of the former “official” Chinese goverment restaurant. While not in Georgetown, it is amazing.

  9. Charlie Eason

    I used to lunch at 5 Guys in Georgetown at least weekly. It was a great place to meet up for a beer and a burger with a side of fries. Then, all of a sudden, despite having the appropriate license, they decided to stop offering beer. Well, since lots of other places in Georgetown are happy to offer the All-American combo of a beer and burger, I have not been back since–to the Georgetown location or any of their other franchise locations. You have to wonder how dumb they can be. But hey, it is America, and you can be as dumb as you want! Hello Johnny Rockets and Tombs!

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  11. RD

    “Imagine a really great Chinese restaurant — on the level of the one the Chinese government sponsored and staffed downtown in the late 1970s.”

    Could you tell us more about the history of this?

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