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The Morning Metropolitan

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Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

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Update to Aren’t They Building?

3200 block of M St.


Up above, you’ll see a link to a page GM maintains called “Aren’t the Building?” It’s supposed to be a list of projects coming to Georgetown. “Supposed to be” is the key phrase there. GM’s not very good about keeping it updated.

So he occasionally does just what he’s doing today: going over the list and trying to update it.

So read ahead and please chime in with any corrections or additions:

Projects on the Existing List:

Developing Georgetown Post Office
-No announced date
-last GM prediction: 2011 at the earliest Late 2012
-New prediction: the project has been scaled back signficantly from the original plans to build condos. Now it will just be office space, which will all be contained within the building as it currently stands. Not much has been heard about this in a while, so GM will put it at mid to late 2014.

Billy Reid
-GM prediction: Fall 2011
-Took a lot longer due to trouble locating a space, only opened last month.

Jack Wills
-GM prediction: Winter 2011
-Opened a bit earlier than that: August 2011

-GM Prediction: Summer 2011
-Called off (same people behind it opened up the pizza spot on Mass Ave. and 4th downtown.)

Redoing O and P Street Streetcar Tracks
-GM prediction: 2012
-Yup, that’s when it was finished.

K St. Streetcar
-The city is supposedly looking to build a cross-town streetcar line to Georgetown quickly, so that timeframe is still applicable.

Wisconsin Ave. Streetcar
-GM’s previous prediction @2020
-That’s looking less likely now. If there ever is a Wisconsin Ave. line, it will likely not be for a while and after more of the initially planned lines go in.

New Projects:

Verizon Building condos:
-Construction is underway, GM’s guessing a late 2014 completion date

Key Bridge Exxon Condos:
-This project hasn’t seen much public movement in a long time, but Anthony Lanier was recently quoted as mentioning it as a project he’s still pushing for. It’s got a lot of work ahead of it though.
-GM prediction: Early 2016

-This Thai restaurant is supposed to go into the old Fino Italino space
-GM prediction: late 2013

Shop House:
-This Chipotle spin-off is currently under construction in the old Furin’s space. Should be open soon.
-GM prediction: Summer 2013

-This bowling alley just got zoning approval, so it should be smooth sailing now.
-GM prediction: Summer 2014

West Heating Plant condos:
-Four Seasons has a long hard slog ahead of them before they can start turning keys over to new residents.
-GM prediction: 2018

Anything else GM forgot?


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Updates to Aren’t They Building

Photo by M.V. Jantzen

At the top of this page there’s a link to another page called “Aren’t They Building” where GM lists various proposed projects around town. He would love to keep it up to date, but he only gets around to it occasionally, like today. Today, however, there aren’t too many updates, but there are some.

Serendipity 3

GM predicted Summer 2010, then fall 2010, and then January 2011 (with a question mark). Well this week the store finally had a soft open, however, GM hears behind the scenes turmoil is still delaying a full-scale open. Notwithstanding this, it should finally be genuinely open next week or the week after, but you never know.


GM last predicted it would open in February. They opened March 3. Close enough.

Brooks Brothers

GM predicted a most recently a fall 2011 opening.  That still is the smart pick (and GM hasn’t checked it recently, but he thinks that’s what the signs on the building say).

Paul Bakery

GM first predicted November 2010, and then spring 2011. Obviously neither came true. A rep left a comment saying that they hope to open by late summer. Continue reading


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Updates to Aren’t They Building…

Photo by M.V. Jantzen.

Up at the top of this page, you’ll see a link to a page that GM tries to keep relatively up to date: Aren’t They Building…

GM doesn’t always do a great job keeping it right up to date, so he occasionally has to clean it up. Like today. So with that, here’s are some changes:

What GM had:

Serendipity 3
-No announced date
-GM prediction: Summer 2010Fall 2010

What’s new:

Obviously they didn’t hit the fall 2010 mark. In GM’s defense, there’s been about zero reliable information about this project and it seems like it’s plagued with delays.

What GM had:

Sprinkles Cupcakes
-No announced date
-GM prediction: Summer 2010fall 2010 Continue reading


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