Group Wants K and Wisconsin Intersection Named in Honor of Waterfront Park Patron

The Friends of the Georgetown Waterfront Park are petitioning the District government to name the intersection of K and Wisconsin after the late Senator Charles Percy, of Illinois. While Senator, Percy took a keen interest in the state of the Georgetown waterfront. He ultimately chaired the Georgetown Waterfront Commission that was the primary force that lead to the reinvention of the formerly industrial strip as a wonderful public park. In a poignant series of events, Percy passed away after a long bout with Alzheimer’s just days after the final phase of the park was opened last September.

DC law prohibits the naming a street or intersection after a living person or someone who has only been deceased for two years. The council has made exceptions in the past, and it appears that the powers-that-be are lining up to support an exception in this case too. The ANC is planning on taking the matter up next week, and is expected to approve a resolution in support of the motion.


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6 responses to “Group Wants K and Wisconsin Intersection Named in Honor of Waterfront Park Patron

  1. A terrific idea; I hope it comes to fruition.

  2. C. Larsin

    An intersection named in his honor would be great, but why not consider naming the whole park after him? ‘Percy Waterfront Park’ has a nice ring to it.

  3. Topher

    It does have a nice ring, but NPS has a policy against naming parks after people, and only does so in extraordinary circumstances and even then, they require the person to be dead 25 years first.

  4. Michael Radosevich

    No. We already have too many places named after Republicans. We need to get rid of Reagan’s name from our airport.

    Of course today’s Democrats are too cowardly and too interested in being Bob Dole Republicans to do anything but crawl into the corner and whimper “Mommy”. The biggest joke today is that the District is “liberal” – the clowns running our government are wholly dependent on the corporate cash they covet to do anything but rubber stamp the right wing agenda, as exemplified by our pathetic schools. And the ignorant, pathetic peasants who live here care about nothing but getting the latest electronic toy.

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