Vote For Dumbarton Oaks Park!

Dumbarton Oaks Park

Right now you can take a minute and help a precious Georgetown asset get $100,000 towards its upkeep and maintenance. American Express is running a competition right now between dozens of historic sites around DC. The site that receives the most votes by the end will win the cash. Dumbarton Oaks Park is the sole Georgetown entrant.

While there’s something tawdry about pitting worthy but needy historic sites against each other for cash, we might as well play along.

So go here, register, and vote for Dumbarton Oaks Park! You can vote once a day, so try to work it into your daily schedule.

If you want to learn more about the wonderful conservancy that is now trying to bring the park back from decades of disregard, check this out.


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4 responses to “Vote For Dumbarton Oaks Park!

  1. Jacques

    While a worthy entry, Dumbarton Oaks is not the only Georgetown entry, as Heyden Observatory at Georgetown University is another one in the running. With a telescope the same size as the one at the U.S. Naval Observatory on Mass. Ave, Heyden Planetarium once housed the largest ph.d. astronomy program in the nation.

    Before light pollution got the better of it!

  2. Q St Neighbor

    The GU observatory is a weird entry on this list, it is not open to the public at all. Seems like for that reason it might not be as worthy as many of the others that offer more to the community at large.

  3. Dizzy

    I would say that it’s “not open to the public at all” in the sense that it has been largely abandoned by the University, period, so there’s nothing – and no one – to open. I know that the GU Astronomical Society was resurrected last year and has been having weekly meetings, as well as bringing in a couple of speakers, including a guy from SpaceX. If that group continues to grow and develop, a slate of public events would likely follow. In terms of the facility itself, though, there’s no real University stakeholder or support, and the main telescope is broken, so it’s kind of in limbo (as is the case with lots of things on or around campus – don’t even get me started).

    Mount Vernon and Washington National Cathedral look like the runaway frontrunners, so despite a respectable showing, the Observatory likely won’t get any money. But I’m hoping that seed money will come from somewhere – a Reimagining Georgetown grant, maybe? – to get the ball rolling on breathing some life into this piece of our history.

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