Historic Church to be Converted to Single Family Home?


As GM reported back in September, the parishioners of Alexander Memorial Church on O St. and 27th have decided to sell their historic church and relocate to Maryland, where most of them live.

The sale includes both the church itself, and the large building attached to it, which once served as the home to legendary astronomer Asaph Hall.

Last week, the Washington Business Journal wrote a piece on the property and speculated that the likely buyer would want to convert the property to condos. Well GM has learned that one potential Georgetown-based buyer actually wants to purchase the property and simply move in to it himself (with his young family).

That seems like a crazy amount of space for just one family. But at a list price of $7.5 million, that could work out to be a pretty reasonable deal, all things considered.

The plans to convert the property to a single family home have been submitted to the Old Georgetown Board for approval. We’ll learn more as the plan receive a public vetting. In the meantime, GM has heard that the immediate neighbors are thrilled at the prospect of the property not becoming condos.



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