Proposed New Owner of Church Has Awesome Career

As GM was first to report, a young Georgetown family is considering buying the Alexander Memorial Church on N St. and taking over the whole property as their home.

The Current wrote a piece about the property yesterday and disclosed the name of the individual who wants to buy it: William Langhorne (who lives with his wife and young child on N St.) But the Current missed the coolest thing about Langhorne: HE’S A FRIGGIN’ RACE CAR DRIVER!

Check out his report from racing in Germany:

Anyway, while GM doesn’t like the curb cut that they are requesting to put a garage on the front of the house, his discomfort is ameliorated somewhat by how awesome it is to have a professional race car driver around.


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2 responses to “Proposed New Owner of Church Has Awesome Career

  1. He is also a SUPER nice guy – and it would be such a blessing for the entire community if the property could be saved from commercial development, as he is proposing to do. I hope it works out for the Langhornes so that the property is not sold to a developer.

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