The Georgetown Metropolitan Hits Five

It seems to get worse every year; GM just keeps forgetting the Georgetown Metropolitan’s birthday (December 13th). And if you can believe it, last month brought it to five years.

Most of these things burn out way before five years; facing the inevitable slowing, then puttering, then just radio silence. If anything, a fear of becoming that cliche is mostly what drives GM to keep at it. It certainly isn’t the non-existent pay.

Well, GM’s been so forgetful he forgot to buy himself a birthday present. So instead he’ll do what he does every year: revisit the five most popular articles from the year before (you’ll quickly see a theme).

#5 – WMATA Recommits to a New Potomac Crossing

In anticipation of the decision it announced later in the year, last January WMATA long term planners presented a plan to its board calling for a new Potomac crossing at Georgetown. This wasn’t the first time the idea has been floated (as early at 2001 WMATA was discussing the need for a new crossing) and the board was most concerned about funding, but getting it to this profile was a great step.

#4 – Historic Church to be Converted to Single Family Home?

In November, GM reported that the historic Alexander Memorial Baptist Church on O St. was under contract with an individual who planned to convert it and the adjacent buildings into one giant home for his family. That man was later reported to be race car driver(!) William Langhorne.

The plans got some push back from the Old Georgetown Board (namely for the requested garage) and so the fate of the project is currently up in the air.

#3 – ANC Preview – All Aboard For Metro Edition

GM’s not sure why this one got so many hits, but in November he reported that the BID, the Georgetown Business Association, the Citizens Association, and Georgetown University had endorsed a letter calling for a Metro station to be built in Georgetown, sooner rather than later. And at the meeting GM was previewing, he expected the ANC to also sign on. Which they did.

#2 – DDOT Adopts Idiotic Parking Pass Policy

In August, GM reported that despite multiple rounds of community meetings about possible changes to parking policies (not including the dozens of meetings of a working group dedicated to the topic) DDOT fired the two individuals organizing the effort and adopted a blanket visitor pass policy. This policy, which involves simply sending a guest pass to everyone who asks for it, would be a disaster for Georgetown. After hearing loud complaints, DDOT shelved the proposal. But no permanent policy has been proposed since.

#1 – A Georgetown Gondola?

GM loves this one. He wrote back in February about the idea to bring a gondola to Georgetown. As you may know, this proposal is part of the Georgetown 2028 report. As far as GM can tell, he was the first one to write about it. This might make it seem like it was his idea, but he can say now that he heard it from the idea’s greatest Georgetown booster: the BID’s CEO Joe Sternlieb.

GM readily admits that the idea sounds wacky, but not completely crazy. We’ll find out over the next couple years whether it’s possible or not.


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5 responses to “The Georgetown Metropolitan Hits Five

  1. Congratulations to all of us in Georgetown for being lucky enough to have such a dedicated, informed, and interesting blogger who covers all of our neighborhood goings-on. Thanks for 5 terrific years Topher!

  2. I can’t believe it has been five years! Thank you for keeping us up to date on local news with your thoughtful, charming, analytical, quirky and informatve blog. Who else can summarize an ANC meeting so well? And your photos are a lovely way to start the day.

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