Plans That Never Left the Drawing Board (Yet)

Georgetown Retail Openings off to Good Start


If you pay enough attention to Georgetown, you start to notice that a lot of times people put out plans that for whatever reason never get off the drawing board. Here are a few recent examples:

Exxon Condos

Way back in March 2011, Eastbanc announced that they had a deal to buy the Key Bridge Exxon and planned to build luxury condos. Objections soon poured in from residents of Prospect St. who complained that their fantastic views would be impacted. Although the Old Georgetown Board didn’t ratify those objections, they did object to the overall aesthetics of the plan.

The thing is, apparently Eastbanc president, Anthony Lanier, agreed. He announced an intention to start designing it all over again. But even that was a year and a half ago. The last GM heard, Eastbanc still intended to return to this project at some point, but don’t count on it happening soon.

H.L. Poling Haberdashery

Back in October 2012, a men’s haberdashery announced plans to open in the old Govinda Gallery space on 34th St. That space was ultimately claimed by a yoga studio and the store’s hasn’t posted to Twitter since last May. So it doesn’t look good for the store’s prospects.

GM also swears he once wrote about a high end television store that also planned to open on that block, but he can’t seem to track down the article. It too doesn’t seem like it is going to happen.

Shut Your Pie Hole

Michael Copperthite, of the famous Georgetown Copperthites, announced several years ago his intention to reopen his family legendary pie company. He planned to call the new store “Shut Your Pie Hole”. After appearing at the 2012 Taste of Georgetown, the company hasn’t made any public appearances. This is one, though, that GM sincerely hopes does see the light of day.

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