The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by GW Special Collections.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

  • Did you get your recycling picked up on Saturday? GM’s whole street, 33rd St., seems to have been skipped.
  • Hey, Kojo Nnamdi is at the next Q and A Cafe at the George Town Club this Friday!
  • And for those still curious: GM’s stolen car has apparently shown up at a Prince Georges County impound lot. Sadly, GM has already leased a new car and to recover his old car he needs to pay the towing fee, which is probably more than the tax write-off he’d get from donating it. Oh well…


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2 responses to “The Morning Metropolitan

  1. Joan Kennan

    No, we did not have our recycling picked up on O Street, east side of Wisconsin. Because of the snow in the weeks before, recycling was not picked up the week before, either,because access was blocked by snow piles so the accumulation of recyclables had greatly increased. This morning, it is windy and there is trash blowing all over the place. If you find out why it wasn’t picked up, we would be interested. More importantly, when will they pick it up this week???


  2. Jad Donohoe

    Didn’t pick up in west g’town either: 3400 block of N 12 & 1300 block of 35th, etc.


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