The Baby Boom Keeps Booming

Photo by Sean Dreilinger.

Periodically as the Census Bureau releases various data on the population of Georgetown, on topic GM has written about is the apparent Baby Boom in Georgetown.

GM first wrote about it back in 2009, when he looked at the 1990 Census data and compared it to the 2000 data and found that Georgetown’s child population grew at a rate of 27% over ten years. Here’s updated the figures as newer data is released. The most recent hard data was of course the 2010 Census, that confirmed that the ten year growth was still booming.

If anything, the even more recent data shows the boom accelerating. Without further ado here’s the data:

Kids 2000 Census 2010 Census 2013 5 Year ACS
Under 5 305 400 606
Under 10 504 651 863
Under 20 690 1164 1599

The last column is the most recent data, the Five Year Estimate for 2009-2013 from the American Community Survey. What that means is that this is what the Census Bureau thinks the average number is over these five years; it’s not a snapshot as of 2013.

So from 2000 to 2010, the under 5 year old population grew by 30%. The 2013 five year estimate has it yet another 50% higher. For the average over five years to jump that high, the annual growth would have to be unbelievably high, literally. As in: it is literally unbelievable. This is where it’s necessary to point out that the margin of error on the ACS Five Year estimates is so high that you have to take the data with a grain of salt. Nonetheless, as uncertain as the data may be, it’s all pointed in one way: up.



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