Now and a Long Time Ago: Pennsylvania and M St.

Peck Memorial

This week for Now and a Long Time Ago, GM is visiting the intersection of Pennsylvania Ave. and M St.

Nowadays there’s a drab gas station. But 64 years ago there stood the Peck Memorial Presbyterian Chapel. According to the history of the National Presbyterian Church the chapel was founded in 1886:

Covenant members were active on many fronts. In 1885, its women founded the Society of the Covenant, which through its successor organization, The Women’s Association, has operated continuously to this day. In 1886, members of Covenant founded the Peck Memorial Chapel as a mission outreach church in Georgetown, which provided vocational education for minorities and disadvantaged youth.

It appears that the church remained used by the congregation until 1938. That year it was purchased by the Rotary Club to be used primarily for the Boys Club. By 1948, though, the Boys Club outgrew the building, and they purchased the land that became Jelleff. The church was sold several years later and demolished in 1951. It was replaced with the gas station we still have today, but hopefully won’t for too much longer.


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5 responses to “Now and a Long Time Ago: Pennsylvania and M St.

  1. Sigh. Would have made amazing condos. The Peabody Room has a stained glass window from this church.

  2. kerlin4321

    Any updates on the Eastbanc monstrosity set to take over this sad piece of real estate? Incidentally, last I checked the iron “Old Georgetown 1751” sign was languishing apparently forgotten on the M Street side of the gas station, propped up against a half broken down bit of wall. I guess no one has missed it?

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