Pennsylvania and M St. Gas Station Demolished

In preparation for the property’s development into an apartment building, the gas station that once stood at the intersection of Pennsylvania Ave. and M St. has been demolished.

The building was built in 1951 to house the Lord Baltimore gas station. It was even given an award for beautification from the Progressive Citizens Association of Georgetown:

Now all that remains is a pile of bricks and the cupola:

This colonial style was used all around DC for gas stations built in the mid century. GM’s not sure if they were all Lord Baltimore, but it would seem likely that they were all built by the same company.

Here’s just a reminder of what the gas station replaced:

And here’s a reminder of what’s going to be built there:

All told, GM would prefer the church come back…

At least the historic Old Georgetown sign remains:



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6 responses to “Pennsylvania and M St. Gas Station Demolished

  1. And the Peabody Room has the OLD GEORGETOWN 1751 sign that was on the Pennsylvania Avenue side of the gas station. Does anyone have contact info. for the developer so that plans may be put in place to assure that BOTH signs will be included in the redevelopment of the site?

  2. Depressing to say the least. The whole world is changing into another place!

  3. kerlin4321

    At least the original gas station sort of fit in with the Colonial Georgetown sign and streetscape beyond. These anonymous stacked shoeboxes are grim and depressing and not befitting the “new gateway to Georgetown.”

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  6. Once the Exorcist gas station is redeveloped, the folks of Georgetown will be screwed when they need gas.

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