FroYo, Why Have You Forsaken Us?

Photo by M.V. Jantzen.

Of all the things GM has written about over the years, the topic that he is most proud about shining a light upon is the pernicious Dessert Deserts in Georgetown. These a places where you may have to walk up to two whole blocks to get to a frozen food purveyor. But what GM only recently realized is that focusing only on the availability of all frozen foods, he failed to recognize that as of right now no frozen yogurt shops exist in Georgetown.

There was a time when there were five different shops selling frozen yogurt: Ice Berry, the other Ice Berry on Wisconsin, Sweet Green, Pinkberry, and Sweet Frog. With the recent closure of Pinkberry, now all of these shops are either gone or have stopped selling frozen yogurt.

Some deep in denial of this crisis might point out that the soft-serv machines at T. Sweets still dispense yogurt of the frozen sort. These people are like polar bear walking in a circle on a tiny icy floe believing themselves to be on a great open plain. OPEN YOU EYES.

All the Georgetown FroYo shops are dead. Long live all the Georgetown FroYo shops!


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