BID Contracts with City to Perform Routine Repairs

3000 block of R St.

The Georgetown BID announced yesterday that it was entering into a new year-long arrangement with DDOT to perform routine maintenance of the sidewalks. As CEO Joe Sternlieb explained in the release:

“There are over one million bricks on Georgetown sidewalks, some of which are loose, broken, or missing at any given time. This agreement allows DDOT to use the BID’s staff and ‘eyes on the street’ to quickly identify and fix problems on a daily basis.”

Anybody who has called a 311 in to the city to complain about a broken or ruptured brick sidewalk knows that the city is rather slow in responding. Basically nothing happens for years, and then all of the sudden the entire block has a brand new sidewalk. The BID’s deal will avoid that feast-famine approach and allow the organization to respond much quicker.

Moreover, the deal authorizes the BID “install and repair” bike racks. This is a particularly interesting provision. Will it enable the BID to install a bunch more bike racks? It’s certainly needed, but when DDOT has tried in the past they sometimes run up against opposition, particularly when they propose the elimination of a parking space or two. Will the BID now be able to just go ahead and install them? We’ll see.


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