How Late is Too Late to Still Have Your Christmas Lights Up?


There are some people who tear down their Christmas decorations the morning of December 26th. In GM’s household, though, Christmas has much more of a staged withdrawal. GM only just took down the lighted garland last weekend, because frankly he was getting a little self-conscious about it. Walking home the other night, GM was relieved to see that his had not been the last house still lit up. So how do people feel about this?

GM doesn’t touch a thing until about the third week of January, when the tree will finally come down. Various lights and other less Christmasy-more wintry will stay up through to February, when they’ll finally come down. (The Spode Christmas plates, though, stay on the shelves till at least March. They’re just nice plates.)

What do you think? Is GM and family being weird, or do you welcome a little more cheerful light in the depths of winter?



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4 responses to “How Late is Too Late to Still Have Your Christmas Lights Up?

  1. As long as it’s ‘wintry’ and not ‘Christmasy’, I’d like to see them hang around as long as possible. Pine garlands just smell good in the crisp air!

  2. maddiegrant

    I think it’s horrible bad luck and I reserve the right to be judgy about anyone who leaves them up past the first week in Jan.

  3. There are 12 days of Christmas. Mine stay up through Epiphany (Jan. 6).

  4. By February, Xmas decorations are looking decidedly un-Christmasy.

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