Alley Kids

Starting next week you can get wrapped up in two different fictional stories of Georgetown kids living in alleys.

The first is a play at the City Kids Theater (the childrens theater arm of the National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts) called “Cashell Alley Kids Kick it Old School”. It’s the story of a group of kids trying to pull together a history report on their neighborhood without the aid of the internet (the power went out). It was written by Raya Kenney, the young woman who is responsible for the alley being named Cashell Alley, which backs up to the Lutheran Church, where the production takes place.

Shows are on Sept. 24 & 25 and Oct. 1 and 2. Get tickets here.

The second alley-kid related event is a free walking tour inspired by the book the People of Pineapple Place. It’s on September 25th at 1 pm – 3pm. The tour will start at the gates of Georgetown University and visit sites around Georgetown that appear in the book.


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  1. Miss Kenney conducted research at the Georgetown Branch Library’s Peabody Room that lead to choosing the name for the alley. I invite all young students who want to learn about Georgetown’s history to visit the Peabody Room!

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