Live on Pineapple Place

Right now–for about $600,000–you have a rare opportunity to own a piece of Pineapple Place. Pineapple Place, of course does not exist. It exists only in the charming children’s story about a boy living in Georgetown who finds a mysterious lane “located” between 3414 and 3415 P St. where the ghosts of children from another age live. Although Pineapple Place doesn’t exist, a house from the street that inspired it–Pomander Walk–is for sale.

Pomander Walk is really a special little street. It’s a group of ten tiny rowhouses on an even tinier alley. Once slave quarters, they now host modern residents who have learned to live small.

The home for sale is the lovely 7 Pomander Walk:

If you have few possessions (and the right downpayment) this can be your living room:

Ghost children not included (hopefully).


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