Boulangerie Christophe to Open this Saturday


After a long wait, the highly anticipated (by GM at least) French bakery Boulangerie Christophe will open this Saturday.

GM first reported on the possible opening of the store way back in 2015. Apparently it will have an “all day bakery and cafe downstairs. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the upstairs restaurant.” The restaurant’s website has some pictures, but no menu yet.

That building long housed one of the “cheap suit” shops that have dominated this block for decades. But it has been empty since around 2012 when construction caused the whole back half of the building to collapse. So this is a welcome change.

Stop by on Saturday and welcome them to the neighborhood!


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3 responses to “Boulangerie Christophe to Open this Saturday

  1. Holy crap, I can’t believe it’s finally opening!

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  2. kerlin4321

    Thank goodness there is finally a valuable addition coming to this desolate row of storefronts. Dare we hope for something equally promising for the property to the north? Something other than a bank?

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