Circulator Expansion Still a Ways Off

Circulator bus

Those hoping to take advantage of several long planned expansions of Circulator service from Georgetown will have to keep waiting.

As you may recall, way back in 2014 DDOT announced plans to expand the two routes that go through Georgetown. The Union Station-Georgetown route would be expanded up to National Cathedral. And the Rosslyn-Dupont route would be expanded northeast to U St. and onward to Howard University.

The routes may have even been expanded by now if it weren’t for the fact that an audit completed last year determined that the Circulator fleet was operating buses way past their proper lifespan. On top of that, the city lacked a proper garage to house and service an expanded fleet. So the expansion was put on indefinite hold. 

GM received some residents’ inquiries about the status now that about ten months has passed since the audit. He made some inquiries and the word is that very little progress has been made towards tackling these two huge prerequisites to any expansion: a new larger garage and many more buses (to replace the old one and provide the expanded fleet to service the longer routes).

Additionally, once progress is made, it is GM’s understanding that the U St. expansion is the first priority over the Cathedral expansion. While the Cathedral expansion would be fairly popular for Georgetowners, it is a route that is already serviced (albeit often unreliably) by the 30-series. There really is no bus that travels between the U St. area and Dupont.

So that’s the news, which is to say there really isn’t any news unfortunately.


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