Now and a Long Time Ago: M St.

This week for Now and a Long Time Ago, GM is back again with a photo from the Wymer’s map. This one is of M St. facing west from Thomas Jefferson St.

For the most part the buildings haven’t really changed much. There is one big exception though. The second black and white building from the right (the one just to the west of the Old Stone House) is no more. It was (apparently) torn down to access the large surface parking lot that now sits at the end of the alley.

GM has actually taken a look at this same stretch before from the same era, but from the other end looking east:

In the photo at the top, you can just make out the Woolworth’s and the optician sign that is at the center of the second photo.

While it’s tough to make out the names of any of the stores, what strikes GM is just how much the signage looks very art deco. It’s a style that has largely been excised from Georgetown since, which is a shame. Same goes for all the neon signs. It’s a historic commercial district, it’s supposed to have a little pizzaz.


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