FIOS Still Years Away

A looong time ago, GM wrote about the fact that Georgetown was still a long way away from getting FIOS service installed. (FIOS is essentially TV over telephone cables). At the time, GM was mostly lamenting the low definition quality of English soccer feed over cable and pining for the higher fidelity of fiber optics. That was six years ago, and the availability of high definition Premier League soccer over cable or satellite has mooted some of that concern. But it’s still nice to have options. Sadly, we’re still a long ways from getting them.

According to an article from 2014, Georgetown is still last on the list to get the service. And that means we’ll see it no earlier than 2019. If GM were a betting man, he’d take the over on whether Verizon will meet even that extended deadline.

There is some history for this. It will probably come as shocking to people who haven’t lived in DC for thirty years, but cable television itself only reached all of DC in the early 90s. And guess which neighborhood got it last? Georgetown.

To be fair, there are reasons Georgetown is last in these sort of things. Old streets with ancient works below are simply harder to deal with than utility poles above ground. As the article states, when Cablevision was digging up streets in Georgetown they found wooden conduits. So, we can’t really blame Verizon for putting off till last the most challenging neighborhood to work in.

So hopefully you’re happy with Comcast, or DirecTV or stealing your ex’s parent’s HBO2Go password. It’ll be a while before Fios is an option.


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