Verizon FIOS Still a Long Ways Away for Georgetown

GM is a fan of English soccer. And that means he mostly has to rely on the Fox Soccer Channel for his Saturday morning fix. And sadly for GM, this means not only having to pay an extra couple bucks a month to Comcast, it also means not watching it in high definition. And seeing people writhe on the ground in fake agony in standard definition is just not the same.

Verizon FIOS, however, does offer this channel in high definition. Plus a whole lot of other channels and features you might actually care about. But Verizon is rolling FIOS out very, very slowly in DC. In 2009, the District signed a memorandum of understanding with Verizon to bring FIOS to DC. It specifies when each neighborhood will get the service. In the first batch is Woodley Park, Dupont, Woodley Park, Petworth, Anacostia, and Southwest.

When the agreement was signed, Jack Evans publicly complained about the fact Ward 2 was scheduled to get the service later. GM thinks he heard Evans once announce at an ANC meeting that he successfully moved Georgetown up in the queue, but even if he did hear that, it’s not the case. According to a Verizon rep, Georgetown is in the third of three phases. That means we’re not scheduled to get FIOS until 2015-18. Booo.


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8 responses to “Verizon FIOS Still a Long Ways Away for Georgetown

  1. Cynthia Anthony

    Can’t we start an on-line petition? Why should it take so long?

  2. George M

    Why is anyone surprised by this? In the early-to-mid 1980’s over 90% of the country had access to cable TV. But Washington, DC did not.

  3. RNM

    I remember trying to order cable in 1990 and being told by the nice representative at District Cablevision that Georgetown did not have it yet. My jaw dropped, as I had family that got cable in small mountain top towns in 1979. And that is why I have had DirecTV since 1995 (though my motivation was the other Football).

  4. Joan Kennan

    A Verizon technician was working in a telephone box in our yard today. I asked him about FIOS and he said that Georgetown was last on the list to get it.

  5. asuka

    It makes so much sense to provide Southwest and Anacostia with FIOS a half-decade or more before Georgetown. I can only assume that choice was dictated by the jokers on the Council.

  6. I live in Palisades and the Verizon tech told me Georgetown is last…..and Palisades is considered Georgetown for Verizon’s purposes.
    However, he did say Palisades would be easier to wire than Georgetown so Palisades would come before Georgetown

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