Abstract Art Sculpture Arises Along Waterfront

The above photo does not quite do justice to just how crazy the new abstract sculpture that is being built next to Sequoia is. You really have to see it in person.

It is 40 feet tall and consists of a rigid three pointed frame adorned with what appears to be refuse from a spray paint factory.

It is called Scarlet and it is by the artist Arnie Quinz.

According to a nearby sign, the artist took inspiration from nature. The “scarlet” is as in “scarlet oak”, which this is supposed to look like(?)

Here is the conceptual drawing:

GM doesn’t want to judge it for you, or too early. Lets let it be complete before judging. And honestly, how could something even take away from Washington Harbour? There’s nothing to take away from. It is an awful post modern layer cake. If all this sculpture does it distract you from looking at the building behind it, it’s a success.


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4 responses to “Abstract Art Sculpture Arises Along Waterfront

  1. jad6504

    But, Washington Harbor was designed by famous local architect Arthur Cotton Moore! And it’s hardly leaking! This week!

  2. What did you expect from a Belgian graffiti artist?

    He did an installation at Burning Man, which ended in flames. Not likely to be the outcome here, but there is always a great Potomac flood!

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